Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Got Mice?

Speedy the Cat's friend does.  In fact, he has one in his mouth.  I made this whimsical card with the new Speedy the Cat's Friends stamp set by Mark's Finest Papers.  It goes perfectly with the "got mousies?" stamp by Impression Obsession.  For this card, I went for bold using black and red.  Well, at least one of the mice managed to get away.  Speaking of rodents being caught by cats.  A few months ago our cat Snowball was making a "racket" and he came running  to me.  Much to my suprise he dropped a dead animal at my feet.  I looked at it in shock thinking, "where did he get that mouse?"  Then I realized that it wasn't a mouse, it was one of my son's two GERBILS!  I raced into his room, found the cage on the floor, the other gerbil hiding, and five other cats surrounding him.  Long story short, I saved the other gerbil, took the dead gerbil away from Snowball, and cleaned up.  Snowball seemed so proud of himself that I couldn't scold him for going with his instincts.  I'm sure the cat on this card is proud of himself, as well.

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